About Us

The WoodgeniX Way

Based out of beautiful Random Lake, Wisconsin, our team of 100+ staff provides innovative furniture solutions for customers across the U.S. and Canada. We locally source sustainable materials and have in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing in our 100,000 square foot facility to support virtually any project, custom or made to specification.

Our Team

WoodgeniX Staff

Our Vision & Values

We believe in crafting innovative furniture solutions for life. Our journey of continuous improvement is built upon the strong partnerships with our customers, employees, community, and the spaces they live.

Our Company
Our partnerships are built on a shared commitment to success. Our focus: employees, customer suppliers, and community.

Be Trustworthy
We respect and have confidence in ourselves and each other. We demand accountability but never seek to blame. We are thoughtful in our responses to all. We demonstrate integrity in all we do.

Ask Why
We’re curious, lifelong learners. We approach situations with inquisitiveness. We tenaciously pursue continuous improvement. We see opportunities, not problems.

Celebrate Achievements
A “yes we can” attitude – in ourselves and others. Change is always for the better. We celebrate: collaboration, accomplishments, victories, and prosperity.

Our History

WoodgeniX was formerly known as Schu Industries founded as a family business between father and son in 1979.

Arcade Cabinetry

Beginning in the arcade industry, Schu built cabinetry and shelving for dartboards, foosball tables, video stores, and shoe shining.

In the mid-nineties, Schu acquired a closing furniture company and began to expand into hospitality solutions for smaller resorts.

Hospitality Resort Furniture
Hotel Furniture

Making a name for quality, larger hotel brands took notice and projects grew which helped Schu branch into other furniture markets.

In 2021, Schu Industries officially became WoodgeniX to better reflect the future of furniture while staying true to our strong roots.

Furniture Manufacturing